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  • ALL learners - students, staff and parents - need to work together to prepare and master the realities of the future.
  • ALL students should have access to a variety of learning and classroom strategies that are differentiated to meet the individual learning styles of students
  • EVERY student should develop, demonstrate and be held accountable for high standards related to learning, actions, and behaviors.
  • EVERY student will have an opportunity to be challenged in multiple areas, including, core content, elective courses, fine arts, and extra-curricular programs.
  • Instructional practices should be research and data-driven, ingrained in best practices and focused on meeting the needs of ALL students.
District Curriculum


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Assessment Data

2 years ago

By Pam Heward


Formally known as the Iowa Assessments, the ISASP measures student proficiency against the Iowa Core Standards.  Students are tested in grades 3-11 in reading, language, writing, and math.  This test is given in the Spring and was last given in 2018.   Due to the COVID-19 closure, this test was not given in the Spring of 2019.  This test will be given again in the Spring of 2020.


Students in grades K-11 are given FAST assessment three times a year.  These assessments are given for reading fluency, reading comprehension, math fluency, and math comprehension.  The data from these assessments assist teachers in tailoring interventions to meet the needs of the learners.

What I Need(WIN) Interventions

Students in the C-M District have a scheduled time each day for WIN(What I Need) interventions. Interventions are skill specific to meet the needs of students in reading and math. Here are some of the interventions being used.

  • 95% Group Interventions
  • Bridges Intervention math lessons
  • Wonders Tier 2 lessons
  • FAST Tier 2 lessons