Why Make the Change to a Four Day School Week?

Teacher Recruitment and Retention:

  • We would like to attract a larger pool of applicants for our job postings. The nation is experiencing a teacher shortage and we need to find an effective way to bring in quality candidates.

Teacher Effectiveness:

  • We believe this would create a consistent schedule that would allow teachers the necessary amount of time to prepare students and themselves. Having full days of professional development will allow teachers to expand their learning outside of Collins-Maxwell and expand their craft to support our students.

Student and Staff Morale:

  • An additional day to rest, recharge, and learn will provide students and staff with an opportunity to come with a renewed perspective for the week.

Student Achievement:

  • Research tells us that teachers are the number one factor affecting student achievement. The opportunity to have more consistent time with students and time to prepare for our students, we can maximize student potential.