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Whole Grade Sharing

In an effort to inform our community about ongoing work related to the possibilities of whole grade sharing, we will continue to add information to this section of the website.  The dates in bold are when items were added to this page. 

Questions or comments can be directed to Jordan Nelson, High School Principal, at #515-387-1115 or jnelson@collins-maxwell.k12.ia.us


6/20/16 Letter from Dr. Lane  The Whole Grade Sharing Decision





1/19/16 -

Over the past few months in various meetings, the topic of operational sharing has come up.  It can be a good financial choice for districts as it provides for state dollars if a district shares certain positions with another district.  Further, the district sees more financial benefit due to the other district paying a portion of the position's salary.  Below is a brief explanation of operational sharing versus whole grade sharing.

- Operational Sharing and Whole Grade Sharing   


1/18/16 -

First, I want to apologize that we had an error in the number of potential new courses for Collin-Maxwell students in a whole grade sharing agreement with Baxter.  At the January 6th meeting, we presented 36 new courses.  The corrected number is 32.  We have updated the schedule and the presentation below (see 1/08/16) to reflect this correction.  Second, we have added the potential new courses here in a list format for ease of reading.

- CMB New Course Offerings 


1/11/16 -

We have now posted answers to the questions asked during the public forum time of the joint board meeting on January 6th, 2016.

- Public Questions 01.06.16


1/08/16 -

At the CMB joint boards meeting on January 6th, the boards heard a presentation from Rob Luther, Baxter 6-12 principal, and Jordan Nelson, Collins-Maxwell 6-12 principal, gave a presentation on possible course offerings in a grade 6-12 whole grade sharing arrangement.  Below is their presentation and the course offerings.

- CMB Schedule presentation 

- CMB Schedule for HS-MS


1/07/16 -

Last night, the boards of Baxter and Collins-Maxwell met to continue the discussion on whole grade sharing.  The board members heard a presentation from Paula Vincent, the chief administrator of Heartland AEA, that shared information related to our districts.  That presentation is listed below.  Further, the board hear a presentation from the two secondary principals, Rob Luther and Jordan Nelson, about potential course offerings and enhanced academic programming.  Also, the board members were updated on the WGS Data Framework and WGS Strategic Timeline.  Those documents are listed under the "1/04/16" entry below.

- Heartland AEA presentation on academics, enrollments, and finances


1/04/16 -

Information was presented to the board at their December 2015 meeting about what data is being collected and the timeline for collection related to whole grade sharing with Baxter.  Those documents are attached.  They will also be discussed at the January 6th joint CMB boards meeting at 6:30 PM in the Maxwell large gym.

- WGS Data Framework

- WGS Strategic Timeline



Here are some resources to inform community members about whole grade sharing:



On October 26, 2015, the Baxter and Collins-Maxwell boards of education met to discuss our current sharing arrangement and if there is a desire to move forward to something more.  As a result of that meeting, the Baxter and Collins-Maxwell board agreed to the following:
1. Maintain our CMB athletic sharing agreement
2. Work together to collect and analyze the data needed for whole grade sharing options (no timeline given)

In the process, the Collins-Maxwell board has chosen not to engage in further talks with Colo-NESCO about sharing a superintendent starting in the 2016-2017 school year.  Nor is there more talk about 3-district athletic sharing or 3-district whole grade sharing at this time.

The boards from both sides demonstrated a commitment to the current CMB athletic agreement, as well as interest in exploring whole grade sharing.  Both boards agreed that meeting was too soon to take a vote on whole grade sharing.  They did direct the administration from both districts to begin the data collection needed to make an informed decision on whole grade sharing.

As a result, over the course of this year, the administrations will begin a feasibility study that will look at academic offerings, facilities, finances, and other factors relevant to whole grade sharing.  We will work to be open in communication, deliberate in our decisions, and dedicated to doing what is right for our students, staff, and stakeholders of Collins-Maxwell.

No timeline was established about if and when a vote will be taken about whole grade sharing. We plan to share our progress at board meetings, on the district website and Facebook page, and in our monthly newsletter.

The boards did agree to begin quarterly joint meetings that will replace the current CMB Communications Committee.  The CMB Communications Committee consists of the superintendent, secondary principal, athletic director and two board members from each district, focused on addressing matters related to the athletic sharing agreement.



The Collins-Maxwell board of education has Margaret Buckton of the Iowa School Finance Information Service (ISFIS) speak to the board during a work session about our current financial status, as well as surrounding districts.  Her presentation is available here.



During the 2013-2014 school year, the Baxter and Collins-Maxwell administrations began some initial work on data collection related to whole grade sharing.  This work began at the direction of their boards at the CMB joint board meeting in spring 2013.  There were two focus areas for the work:  academic offerings and transportation costs.  Below are the documents created as a result of that work.  Please remember these were initial documents based on 2013-2014 school data.  There are here as reference only.


  • Daily Announcements

    March 23, 2017

    Day 141



    1.  MS Girls/Boys Track: Informational/Parent Meeting!  Thursday, March 23rd, 5:30-6:00 p.m. in Maxwell!  Plan on attending with your parents.  Boys will be in commons, Girls will be in the lunchroom!  The meeting is at 5:30 pm, I think there was some confusion as to whether it started at 5 pm. 




    2. If you are planning to take a DMACC class in the fall please see Mrs. Allen for paperwork.  Paperwork must be completed before you are registered for a course.




    3. A representative from Ellsworth Community College will be here Thursday at 11am.  See Mrs. Allen if interested.




    4. The Speech Club will be having their end of season pizza party this Thursday, March 23rd during Lunch in Mr. Smith's room.



    5. After Prom 2017 Can & Bottle Drive, March 25th 9:00a - 12:00p.

    Save your cans! After Prom can drive Saturday, March 25th 9 a.m. - noon at the bus barn. Or let us know if you'd like someone to pick up your donation. Thanks!!
    Seniors & parents - Clean-up day at Larry & Kathy French's, 408 Ashford St, Maxwell Sunday, March 26th at 1:30 p.m. We will be helping theMaxwell Fire Dept. with odd jobs around French's yard. Please dress accordingly. This is in return for a very nice donation to After Prom. Please come & help. Thanks!




    6. StreetSmarts will be the company we will be using for Drivers Education. Gary Smith will still be teaching. The program will run from April 5-May 6 on Wednesday evenings from 6-9pm and Saturday mornings from 9am-noon. Also, there is a mandatory meeting with parents on April 5 starting at 6pm.

    Classes will take place at Collins-Maxwell Middle/High School. Specific room details will be sent out by Mr. Smith after registration is complete.

    Registration is done online at streetsmartsdriversed.com or by calling 515-279-1112. 

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